Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama venue info

Obama: Thursday, 1 PM, UI Fieldhouse

President Obama to Discuss Health Reform in Iowa City Thursday

WASHINGTON— President Barack Obama will return to Iowa City, Iowa, on Thursday, March 25, to discuss how health insurance reform will lower costs for small businesses and American families and give them more control over their health care, the White House today announced. President Obama first announced his health care plan in Iowa City in May 2007, launching a grassroots campaign for reform that led directly to the legislation passed this week.

The President will speak at the University of Iowa Field House. Members of the general public wishing to attend this event should visit the following website to register for the opportunity to attend: The website will be available until 5:00 pm ET (4:00 pm CT), Tuesday, March 23.

Looks like they're going for a crowd: the President's event is scheduled for 1:00 Thursday at the UI Fieldhouse. Close enough to UIHC for lots of health care professionals to stop by. The listed seating capacity is 1,500 for athletics, presumably more if the floor's filled. Big enough for a good chunk of general public but not Carver-Hawkeye big (even a sitting president might have a tough time filling that barn at 1:00 on a Thursday). Suggestion: Park somewhere else and hop on a Cambus.

Obama spoke at the Fieldhouse in his last campus stop of the caucus season; I was there and the hoopla was good but the audio was iffy.

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