Thursday, March 25, 2010

Republican Rally Roundup

Republican Rally Roundup

I thought about covering the "Stand Up 4 Freedom" rally last night but had too much prep work to do for today. I also figured, correctly, that enough other old media and new media would be there:

  • Dan Tallon comments: "everyone that spoke mainly spoke about Health and how unconstitutional it was, with the usual socialist and commie references. It wasn't surprising to see the NRA hats and belt buckles around and a few VP for gov signs. All and all I am happy to see that our local republicans are (mostly) nice people- even if they ignore certain facts." He also says he got quite a few signatures on his petition to end Don't Ask Don't Tell petition, including: "Miller-Meeks signed and said she thought Don't ask Don't Tell was not good for America."

  • Press-Citizen: Headline says "hundreds" but article says hundred means two hundred.

  • Iowa Republican goes with a bigger estimate: "350 to 500".

  • Gazette finds at least one person opposing the health care bill from the left.

  • Lynda Waddington at Iowa Indy goes with featured phoning it in speaker Mike Pence calling for the big repeal.

    As for today, that press credential came through and I spent last evening geeking out some technology details. If all goes well we'll be livebloggin'.
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