Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romney Thanks Obama For Book Plug

Mitt Knows: No Such Thing As Bad PR

The Prez has the Mitt on the Mind these days, with that shout-out to Romney on health care. And Romney gives Obama credit where it's due, too, telling Politico: "I want to express my appreciation to President Obama for picking up my book, getting it on the front page of The New York Times."

At least Romney actually sells books and doesn't buy them in bulk Palin style.

Somehow I don't think that an Obama endorsement (literary or health care) helps Romney much in the 2012 caucuses, any more than I think Mitt was here to sell books. He doesn't exactly need the money, folks.

Romney dropped the name "Branstad" while he was here. At what point, if any, does this governor primary flare up into a full-blown Huckabee vs. Mitt proxy war? (The Fox News show is just Huck's holding pattern; he'll be back.) We may have crossed that line already; Vander Plaats is already bringing in Chuck "When he does pushups he's not lifting his body, he's lowering the Earth" Norris.

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