Monday, March 01, 2010

Vander Plaats, Miller on Day One

Vander Plaats, Miller top Day One filing

Only two big names in the first day of filing for the June 8 primary. Republican Bob Vander Plaats is the first name on the ballot in the governor's race. Democrat Tom Miller filed for his eighth (non-consecutive) term as attorney general.

Filing first gets you bragging rights only. Some states put you on the ballot in the order you file; in Iowa you rotate. I have trouble believing it makes a difference, but studies say it does.

I'm hoping to update these each evening through the filing period (deadline March 19), though I may skip a day or two. The way this tends to go is: there's a small flurry on day one, a long lull for the next two weeks, and then a big rush on the last couple days. Or you can skip the middleman and go straight to Mike Mauro's site. Any errors made in haste will be corrected just as swiftly.

On the legislative level:

GOP operative Wes Enos files in Senate District 21 (Newton, Altoona) against Dem incumbent Dennis Black. Enos was Iowa political director for Mike Huckabee at caucus time (which went well) and campaign manager for 2008 2nd CD candidate Peter Teahan (not so well). He's on the state central committee and ran for Polk County Supervisior in 2006.

In House District 1 in Sioux City, Republican Jeremy Taylor is making another run. Taylor narrowly lost to incumbent Dem Wes Whitead in 2008 (indeed, for a few hours on election night he looked like a winner until the absentees got counted). Whitead's retiring.

No word from Waterloo Democrat Kerry Burt in House 21, but he draws a Republican opponent in Lyn Tackett. Two other Waterloo Dems filed: Doris Kelley in House 20 and Deborah Berry in 22. (Berry was primaried in 2008 over the coal plant issue but won three to one.)

Ako Abdul-Samad's primary challenger in Des Moines' House District 66, social conservative Clair Rudison, filed on Day One. Ako was in a four-way primary last time but won with a clear majority.

Albia Democrat Deb Ballalatak, who pulled 37% against Paul McKinley for state senate in 2008, will challenge Republican Richard Arnold in House 72 this time.

Campaign For Liberty (i.e. Ron Paul) activist Glen Massie is running for the GOP nod in open House District 74 in Polk County. One-term incumbent Kent Sorensen is challinging Sen. Stacy Appel; Sorensen knocked off Democrat Mark Davitt in 2008.

Speaker Pat Murphy (Dubuque's HD 28) got his homework turned in early. Other Democratic incumbent early birds: Roger Thomas (D-Elkader) in House 24, Ray Zirkelbach (D-Monticello) in House 31, Jim Lykam (D-Davenport) in House 85, Kurt Swaim (D-Bloomfield) House 94, and Freshman Jerry Kearns (D-Keokuk) House 92.

Freshmen Democrats John Beard (D-Decorah) in House 16 and Gene Ficken (D-Independence) both filed; both seats were Dem gains in 2008.

Dwayne “We shouldn’t be as concerned, actually, about [global] warming, especially now that we have modern refrigeration and air conditioning” Alons filed for another term in House District 4. Other Republican incumbents who filed on Monday: Henry Rayhons (R-Garner) in House 11, Scott Raecker (R-Urbandale) in House 60, Steve Olson (R-DeWitt) House 83, and Greg Forristall (R-Macedonia) in House 98.

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