Monday, April 26, 2010

Convention Roundup

Convention Roundup

For those not interested in my weekend's computer upgrade, here's some scattered notes from the various district conventions. Very little news filtered up to the Lamestream Media level (Sarah Palin gets royalties when I say that) but a handful of bloggers check in:

  • Congrats to David "Hawkeye GOP" Chung who returns to the Republican state central committee (he took some time off to help the short-lived Christian Fong for Governor campaign). He also has the rest of the GOP state results for the three districts that met and in another post reviews the 2nd CD convention (platform got short shrift because elections took all day).

  • Craig Robinson at Iowa Republican has a long writeup with lots of speech video from the 3rd CD. (I don't have time before work to watch the speech; can some enlightened Republican please explain what Jim Gibbons means by "Burn the boats"?) The weather didn't cooperate with Terry Branstad's plane so he missed it.

  • desmoinesdem has the Dem's state central committee results near the top of a big roundup of Stuff Goin' On these next couple weeks.

  • Blog for Iowa has two reports. From Fairfield, Trish Nelson says the speech highlights at the 2nd District were Dave Loebsack and Roxanne Conlin. Anita Martin reports from the 3rd CD in Altoona; apparently Bob Krause sent a video. KCCI has a brief 3rd District report too.

  • Also at Blog for Iowa, Paul Deaton says "Conlin is Emerging as the Choice for Iowans."
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