Monday, April 19, 2010

Loebsack vs. Glenn Beck

Loebsack vs. Glenn Beck

Here's hoping this war of words goes viral Alan Grayson style with the netroots:
Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack is firing back at Glenn Beck after the conservative commentator, in a recent column, referred to federal funds allocated to the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids as “unbelievable waste.”
It seems Lonesome Rhodes dropped a reference to a $500,000 FEMA grant into this column. "What about the Serb, Croatian and Albanian exhibits? Don't we care about them?" Well, maybe we do, but they probably weren't destroyed in a natural disaster either.

And Loebsack fires back: "It is regrettable that in the current state of political discourse that ill-informed rhetoric is a hotter commodity than an understanding of the economic and recovery needs of ordinary Iowans."

I'm predicting Beck's response: "If you rearrange the letters in Dave Loebsack, it spells 'So Backed Veal'." Which may cost him the PETA vote.

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