Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Day Republican Notes

Rainy Day Republican Notes

So much for my plans on the Smallest Farm, as the rainclouds settle in over I O Way for the next several days. As any farmer, Smallest or not, will tell ya, we needed.

Here's a disconnected series of clips about Republicans:

  • I find myself, believe it or not, in agreement with Bob Vander Plaats: "Vander Plaats says it’s time to start the process of ending casino-style gambling; pari-mutuel wagering (on horse & dog races) and the state-run Lottery..." Gambling is one of those weird things where the moralist conservatives and the anti-regressive tax lefties find themselves inadvertently on the same page.

  • In the 2nd CD race Christopher Reed is taking shots at Steve Rathje -- false charges, says Team Rathje. This comes the same week that the National Republican Congressional Committee in effect gets behind Rob Gettemy. David Chung, looking today to get back on state central committee, is predicting this four way nomination fight (with the three guys and MMM) goes to convention.

  • The right of the right of the right says Sandy Greiner isn't conservative enough. Is this a shot at Greiner herself, or a proxy shot at Terry Branstad?

  • Finally, people reeeeally don't want Ronald Reagan on money. Two twenties and a ten, please.
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