Monday, April 26, 2010

Suppertime Smorgasboard

Suppertime Smorgasboard, or, Leftover Night

You probably noticed that gap tomorrow night on President Obama's schedule, too, especially after word came out that he's overnighting in Des Moines. Dave Price has the word and it's no surprise: a high-high end fundraiser.
The owner of Baby Boomers Cafe, Rodney Maxfield, confirmed the president is supposed to stop by a private reception at his restaurant Tuesday night. Maxfield said the party is a reception for Obama advisor, David Axelrod. He said 3rd District Congressman Leonard Boswell and Governor Chet Culver are also expected to attend. He is planning on finger foods, drinks, etc. for about 100 people, which is all the place holds.
Meanwhile, right about now, the GOP “Stand Up 4 Freedom rally” is underway. The RPI press release gave Steve King top billing but the fine print notes he's phoning it in. The rest of the rogue's gallery includes all four congressional candidates, party chair Matt Strawn, and two of the three Senate District 45 contenders, Randy Besick and Sandy Greiner. Does that mean the third guy, Rick Marlar, is an also-ran?

And while Dems and Repubs were convening at the district level, the Libertarians had their state convention. O. Kay has the story:
“Cooper, who is an Iowa State University psychology professor, admits he won’t be elected governor…”

“Cooper’s lieutenant governor running mate is 30-year-old Nick Weltha of Des Moines, an administrator in the Iowa Judicial Branch…”
So, top of the Libertarian ticket, both government employees. Maybe they'll be in the running for Public Employee Of The Year next year.

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