Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday clips

Thursday clips

  • Missed the big GOP debate last night, but most interesting to me was Kathie Obradovich's note: "KTIV’s live webcast was only available to those using Internet Explorer as their browser." KTIV loses the anti-Microsoft vote... but then, Roxanne Conlin has that locked up anyway.

  • Sounds like no shenannigans in House 21: "House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he spoke Wednesday with Burt and supports his decision. Burt has already endorsed Kajtazovic, McCarthy said."

    But: "House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen of Hiawatha said Burt's decision could make it easier for his party to win the seat." That contradicts the Obradovich column from a couple weeks back. It ends (emphasis added) with:
    (Republicans are) closely watching the Democratic primary in District 21, the Waterloo seat held by Kerry Burt, who pleaded guilty to drunken driving last year. If Burt is the nominee, they see an opportunity for one of two Republicans vying for the seat.
    There's just no way Burt stepping down is anything but good news for Dems, who avoid a nasty primary and move forward with a better candidate, Anesa Kajtazovic.

  • The best committee name ever is baaaaack: "A day after the Iowa City Council raised the minimum bar entry age from 19 to 21 after 10 p.m., the Student Health Initiative Task Force, the group that successfully helped fight 21-only in 2007, said it filed paperwork Wednesday to begin petitioning for a referendum."
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