Monday, May 03, 2010

Linux Monday

Linux Monday

The Lucid Lynx reviews keep coming in. This fanboy is more excited about Ubuntu than about Windows or Macintosh, and this one says "perfect" I wouldn't go THAT far but I'm so far so good. No problems and I've tried a couple of the new features including some social media integration.

But you still may have a few things to do, and I still haven't figured out how to use low-resource desktop Fluxbox in 10.04.

Meanwhile, those decisions from on high to move the maximize-minimize-close buttons to the left and to nuke the system tray from orbit have something to do with each other, says Ubuntu Uberlord Mark Shutlesworth. Meet "window indicators." (Basically, the status bar stuff is moving to the window bar.)

And if you want to tweak the outside of your box, here's some free Ubuntu stickers.

Time to clear out the Linux clip files:

10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows, Why the Windows registry sucks, and more to the point why all computers suck.

A very geeky article explaining boot managers

Yet another piece on small low-resource distros.

How to use your Blackberry as a thethered modem; I haven't tried this one yet.

And how to make your command line insult you. (Some would say that's inherent to Linux.)

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