Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stellmach Drops Primary Challenge to Jacoby

House District 30 Challenger Ends Campaign

Well, Dave Jacoby's get together tonight just turned into a victory party. Buried deep on the Press-Citizen site:
John Stellmach, Democratic candidate for Iowa House District 30, has ended his campaign.

Stellmach, of Coralville (sic), said he is withdrawing because of his spouse's serious medical condition. Stellmach said he would be unable to continue to be an effective candidate or voice for voters while focusing on his family.

Stellmach had filed papers in March to run against fellow Democrat Rep. Dave Jacoby for the Iowa House seat.
Best wishes to John and his wife. But this one never made sense. Being a union guy, I know labor's frustrated; four years of state government trifecta and nothing to show for it. But why take it out on a guy with a 94% labor voting record?

In any case, Stellmach stays on the ballot, but this shifts the ground in the Johnson County Democratic primary. The US Senate primary is now the only game in town.

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