Thursday, June 24, 2010


Best. Comment. Ever.

John Hedgecoth on the imminent pick of State Sen. Kim Reynolds to be Terry Branstad's running mate:
"Let's see, aging nominee picks attractive, conservative 2-year incumbent woman from lightly populated region ... wait, I've seen this movie!!! I like how it ends!!!"
So the GOP returns to the traditional gender-balance role of Lite Guv; since Iowa went to tickets in 1990, every major party pairing except Nussle-Vander Plaats in 2006 has been like Republicans want marriage: one man, one woman.

So does Terry think he needs shoring up in Reynolds' sprawling six county southern-border district? (Bloggers note: this is Jeff Angelo's old turf.) Safety hatch: Reynolds is mid-term so if they lose she keeps the seat.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how Bob Vander Plaats handles it. Because, of course, the loser gets to tell the winner what to do. Personally, I was hoping Terry would pick Doug Gross to really rub their noses in it.

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