Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chuck Grassley Music Trivia

Chuck Grassley Music Trivia

Lost amidst the battle over lieutenant governor, a bit of musical-political trivia harmonic convergence. Since I wasn't on hand, O. Kay took care of my job of reporting on rally music:
At 10:17 a.m. Senator Chuck Grassley comes on stage, as the song "You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet' is played.
Ah, yes, a number one hit for Bachman-Turner Overdrive 36 long years ago, for the week ending November 9, 1974...

The very week Chuck Grassley got elected to Congress

I doubt that the Grassley campaign was hoping to emphasize his long tenure in office in an anti-incumbent year. They probably just looked at the list of six officially approved rally songs and picked the least original option. I invoke the Stairway To Heaven rule: it's not a great record's fault if it gets overplayed to the point of cliche.

Branstad, meanwhile, took the stage to "One of those songs from Glee." He's been using a Glee version of Van Halen's "Jump" which originated back in his first term. I'm still hoping he adopts the slogan "Branstad: I ain't the worst that you've seen."

While I'm at it: there hasn't been a note of new Van Halen music in two whole Grassley terms, and Mike Anthony got totally screwed on the reunion thing

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