Sunday, June 20, 2010

Conlin Inching Onto National Radar

Conlin Inching Onto National Radar

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder decided to take Roxanne Conlin seriously enough to spend the time and space on an interview:
RC: We're the closest challenger in the nation.

MA: And there's no question that people are taking notice.

RC: I am a realist. And I recognize that there are lots of endangered incumbents, and there's Barbara Boxer -- her race costs 3, 4, 5 times what mine does. And now, Patty Murray ... I'm very much a realist about that. And I don't know the answer. What I do know is that the race has attracted sufficient attention, that 527's have already been in. They're on the air -- two of them are on the air right now. And I am a truly progressive candidate. And I'm expecting that kind of assistance because I might be one of the few true progressives in this cycle who's not afraid. Fearless.
The line that got some notice was a small verbal stumble which mixed two stump speech lines and dates. The correction actually helps underscore the case: Grassley was first elected to public office (as opposed to Congress) in 1958. That worked for Greg Ganske - sixteen years ago now... I tried to come up with a list of Stuff Since 1958 but got stuck at: Grassley's been in office since 1958 - before the president was born. In Hawaii. Which was a state. In 1959.

Other Roxanne news this week wasn't so good on the surface: a Rasmussen poll showing the race at Grassley 54 Conlin 37. The state's conservatives quickly trumpeted the number. But Rasmussen's got a consistently Republican lean compared to all other pollsters- the same survey had the governor's race at an implausible Branstad 57 Culver 31. So a 54-37 Rasmussen poll isn't that far off the 49-40 that other more reputable firms were reporting just before the primary.

Since this didn't fit anywhere else: Friday's writing went to the Register as I looked at bearing and sharing responsibility for the BP disaster.

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