Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday clips

Monday clips

Bleeding Heartland is the Iowa prediction mothership. I'll go out on a limb and pick Chris Sanger for third place in the Secretary of State Race. Here's an example of his special rhetorical style.

Hidden number of the night tomorrow: Compare total Democratic turnout to Culver's vote total. Compare Culver's vote total to, say, Mike Mauro's or Tom Miller's.

I also offered my thoughts on the Iowa Poll (Branstad 57, BVP 29) at the Register. But other than that, I'm wimping out of predictions, in deference to my superstitious friend Dave Jacoby.

Team Jacoby and Team Roxanne are having a "results watch party" (carefully avoiding the V word) at Gus' Food & Spirits, 2421 Coral Ct., Coralville: "We'll be in the game room; come in and head to the left." All other campaigns of either party are welcome to comment with their party details.

Just in case you missed it, Tom Fiegen's Fridays Twit says "(Bob K) & RC can sleep w/PIGS." Fiegen's nastiness is backfiring, angering and motivating Conlin's supporters. The funny thing is, Fiegen isn't even the most self-destructive candidate in this race. That award goes to the Republican incumbent.

Daily Kos has a guide to the rest of Tuesday's battles across the country. The national centerpiece is the Arkansas Senate runoff, where Bill Halter is a narrow favorite to knock off conservaDem Blanche Lincoln.

Fivethirtyeight checks out the early voting rules in Tuesday's states, from regressive Alabama to 100% vote by mail Oregon.

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