Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday clips

Wednesday clips

Press-Citizen joins just about every paper in the state in endorsing Branstad, but goes further in backing a Branstad-Roberts ticket. So, really, a Not BVP endorsement:
He has bet his whole campaign on promising that his first gubernatorial act would be to overstep the authority granted to the governor by the state constitution and, in effect, stay the Iowa Supreme Court's 2009 ruling on marriage equity.

Branstad -- who both signed the state's Defense of Marriage Act and appointed the Supreme Court justice who authored the ruling declaring the law unconstitutional -- has shown a much more pragmatic and constitutionally appropriate understanding of both the power and the limits of the governor's office.
To the point but milder than some.

In the Secretary of State race, Matt Schultz is on TV and, finding a "solution" without a problem, doesn't want you to vote.

Bob Krause: $632 cash on hand. Fiegen, despite bashing Conlin's report, doesn't show up yet.

Down in Alabama, party switcher Parker Griffith makes no friends on his new team and loses his GOP primary. Fourth incumbent to go down in a nomination process this year, with Blanche Lincoln about to make it five next week in Arkansas... In other primary action, New Mexico sets up only the second-ever woman vs. woman governor election in US history; the first was Nebraska 1986. Iowa, meanwhile, remains in the club with Mississippi. For now.

And in a wish I'd written it Onion masterpiece, some NSFW free speech.

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