Saturday, July 31, 2010

Democrats Take It To The Street

Dems Take It To The Street as Sue Dvorsky Rallies The Troops

Across the state Democrats are out at doors and on phones as part of a "Day of Action," with 94 days to go before the election. At the Iowa City headquarters volunteers got a pep talk from Democratic Party chair Sue Dvorsky.

"We are the hardest working organization in this state," said Dvorsky. "We have a 99 county strategy and we are going to win this a house and a voter at a time. This is exactly what makes us the Democratic Party: we all bring what we can bring."

Sue DvorskyJohnson County is getting a little extra attention this year with one of its own as party chair. Dvorsky is spending weekdays in Des Moines and Saturdays and Sundays - don't call it "weekend" because that implies days off and those don't seem to exist on Sue's calendar - spending Saturdays and Sundays back home.

"This is no off year," Dvorsky said of the so-called enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans. "Don't let people freak you out with comparisons. 2008 was a presidential eletion with a generational shift, but this year is very similar to 2006. There is no 'off year' for the economy, for kid's health care, for families trying to struggle with elderly parents. When you're the Democratic Party you don't get to take an off year."

Full Phone Bank
Happiness is a full phone bank

"Terry Branstad has not been secretive at all about what he will do," Dvorsky said about the top of the GOP ticket. "This is a choice about how we want Iowa to look going forward. The people of this state do not want to talk about whether you are 'on the side of God.' Their message doesn't resonate. We have thousands of absentee ballot requests in auditor's offices, and the Republicans are still fighting their primary."

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