Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grassley's Priorities

Grassley More Interested in Fox Noise Agenda Than Fair Campaign Finance

It was a banner day for Chuck Grassley today; he joined every single Senate Republican in blocking a floor vote on the DISCLOSE Act. It wouldn't have gotten the post-Citizens United corporate cash out of the election process, it just would have required, well, disclosure.

From Team Roxanne:
Conlin Campaign spokesperson Paulee Lipsman said, “In voting against the federal DISCLOSE ACT, meant to provide Iowans with information on who is funding campaign attack ads, Senator Grassley has once more sided with the Wall Street bankers, insurance companies, corporations and other special interests who have filled his campaign war chest. The Senator is protecting those who want to anonymously produce the distortions and lies that are intended to influence voters.”
So what DOES Chuck Grassley support? Faux News's fake scandal of the week: "voter intimidation" by the "New Black Panthers," who appear to be two dudes from Philly who like to see themselves on TV.

Chuck took time away from voting no to join every single other Judiciary Republican in demanding more incestigation--even though the Senate has already investigated this. As that great philosopher Flavor Flav once said, don't believe the hype.

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