Monday, July 26, 2010

Harkin steps up for Conlin Part 2

Harkin steps up for Conlin Part 2

Tom Harkin, Iowa's next senior senator, has put his name out there again for Roxanne Conlin, this time in a Conlin campaign video:

(And yes, that opening shot was from the West Des Moines parade, and no, Krusty and his kommentators still don't get it.)

The important part, as I said last month when Harkin lent his name to an email fundraising pitch:
You might not think it's odd for Harkin to make a pitch for a fellow Democrat, and normally it isn't. But in the historically collegial ways of the Senate, it's unusual for same-state senators of opposite parties to campaign against each other beyond just the necessary lip service of party loyalty.
We're 99 days from Election Day and Team Roxanne launched their 100 Days of Grassley program yesterday. The debut message: DAY 1 of 100: Did you know Grassley once told someone last year to get better and cheaper coverage like himself they should, 'go work for the government'???

Sign up here or text 100 to 64336.

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