Monday, July 19, 2010

Local Democratic Legislators Hold Money Leads

Local Democratic Legislators Hold Money Leads

State campaign finance reports are due in today and the three local Democratic incumbents with Republican opponents hold fundraising leads.

In Senate 45, Sen. Becky Schmitz (D-Fairfield), near the top of the GOP target list, has $33,101.84 on hand. Her opponent, former legislator Sandy Greiner, has $13,345.59, which includes a $10,000 self-loan.

In the overlapping House District 89, first-term Riverside Democrat Larry Marek has $33,073.00 on hand. His 2008 opponent, Jarad Klein, won a lightly contested primary by an 80-20 margin to earn a rematch, and has $3210.18 in the bank. David Smithers, who has announced his third party candidacy on a yet-to-be-named left label, has not opened a finance committee.

That covers the southern end of the county. Up north in House 29, first term Lisbon Democrat Nate Willems has $30,670.24, while first time GOP candidate Shawn Graham has $1,617.09.

The Libertarian opponents for Sen. Bob Dvorsky and Rep. Dave Jacoby, both of Coralville, have yet to form committees. Iowa City's legislators, Sen. Joe Bolkcom and Reps. Mary Mascher and Vicki Lensing, have no announced opponents.

Check back later for a longer version that looks at some of the key contests around the state.

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