Monday, July 26, 2010

No Doom and Gloom from Sue Dvorsky

No Doom and Gloom from Sue Dvorsky

If you want predictions of doom and gloom for Democrats this fall, don't ask Sue Dvorsky.

I caught up with the Iowa Democratic Party chair at Saturday's ADA celebration in Iowa City and she says the fall is "loaded with opportunity."

"Their message doesn't resonate," she said of the GOP. "We'll beat them on message and we'll kill 'em in the field." Locally, at least, that would seem to be happening; at last check Democrats had a 1057 to 42 lead over Republicans in absentee requests.

(The Press-Citizen offers a mini-biography of Sue Dvorsky in today's edition that captures some of the facts, if not the sheer force of personality...)

The Democrat's most endangered incumbent, by all accounts, is Governor Chet Culver, but Sue thinks his record contrasts positive;y with opponent Terry Branstad.

"Infrastructure may not be sexy, but the I-JOBS are working. Compare that to Terry Branstad's 16 year race to the bottom with low paying jobs. I'd rather have our team on that challenge."

As for Branstad, Dvorsky says, "He's not finished running his primary yet." Indeed, that endorsement from second-place candidate Bob Vander Plaats hasn't happened yet. Which reminds me, third party and independent candidate filing starts today at the Secretary of State's office. Stay tuned to this Bat-channel for more on that these next three weeks.

Don't forget Roxanne Conlin at Prairie Lights 5:30 Friday... or mock voting at the county fair. And since it doesn't fit anywhere else, Bleeding Heartland takes one more look at campaign finance.

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