Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NPR moves Iowa Senate Race

Another handicapper moves Conlin up a notch

Roxanne Conlin continues her slow and steady climb, as another horserace handicapper rates the Iowa Senate race as more competitive.

NPR's "Political Junkie" Ken Rudin, an electoral trivia geek with a sense of humor, wrote on Friday:
I can't imagine Sen. Charles Grassley (R) not being returned to office. But he does have a serious opponent, and so I'm moving this from Safe Republican to Republican Favored.
Conlin starts a two-day "Protect Main Street Not Wall Street" town hall trip tomorrow to emphasize "Grassley's support for Wall Street over the interest of Iowans."

In another sign that Conlin's being taken more seriously... she's being taken less seriously. I don't want to give this more attention than it deserves, but the Iowa rightosphere is fixated on Conlin's figure. My thoughts at the Register; Krusty and iowasnewzliter are unrepentant.

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