Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things Goin' On

Things Goin' On

Here's some upcoming stuff in the Greater People's Republic Area:

  • Chuck Grassley is comin' to town this Friday the 23rd for a $100 suggested donation fundraiser. 5:30 at the Sheraton. Maybe he'll hang out on the Ped Mall after to hear BF Burt & the Instigators.

  • Not to be outdone, Roxanne's coming to town the next week, also Friday (30) and also 5:30, but she's up the block at Prairie Lights and not asking for a hundred bucks. I'm sure she'd accept, though.

  • The county fair is next week and there will be mock electing.

  • And it's always caucus season: A week from Sunday (August 1) Tim Pawlenty will be in West Liberty at 4:30 for an event with state rep Jeff Kaufmann; suggesting $50.

    Campaign finance fallout continues. Bleeding Heartland has a very detailed look at money in the statewide races. At Iowa Republican, Craig Robinson offers the GOP spin on Culver's numbers. Krusty, meanwhile, is able to discuss REPUBLICAN female candidates like a grownup, and takes some cheap shots at Mike Mauro.
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