Thursday, July 08, 2010

What Enthusiasm Gap?

What Enthusiasm Gap?

Not with Sue Dvorsky in charge. Dems new Fearless Leader talks to Glover and Obradovich and the energy jumps off the page. How many party chairs have you heard talk about the gnats gnibbling the field staffers?

We're also glad to know Bob's safely back from Scotland.

Meanwhile, The GOP circular firing squad is still at it. Kim Reynolds, apparantly tring to win over BVP supporters by visiting Pizza Ranches, is getting bashed for not being anti-choice enough:
"I’m also troubled by her inability to see at the very least the moral equivalency between an abortion and somebody getting stabbed outside Pizza Ranch. Actually, abortion is worse in that in most cases the person outside Pizza Ranch can cry for help, fight back, etc. An unborn baby can’t even do that. Senator Reynolds’ position(s) do not appear to be undergirded with a well thought out worldview"

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