Thursday, August 19, 2010

All 125 Legislative Races Revisited

All 125 Legislative Races Revisited

I've dropped off the face of the blogosphere the last couple days, as I've updating my March look at all 125 Iowa Legislative races in the context of post-primary, post July 19 campaign finance report, and post-filing deadline.

Democrats hold a 32-18 edge in the Senate, and only two of their incumbents are retiring. Republicans are contesting 20 of the 25 seats that are up; Democrats have candidates in 22. That leaves three Republicans and four Democrats unopposed. One additional Democrat has a third party rival but no Republican opponent.

Democrats currently hold a 55-44 edge in the House, with one seat vacant after the death of Rep. Paul Bell (D-Newton). Democrats are contesting 75 of the 100 seats, including 46 incumbents seeking re-election. Republicans have candidates in 93 races, with 38 incumbents running.

Republicans have 24 uncontested seats, to only six for Democrats. (An additional two Democrats and one Republican have only third party opponents.)

If you read me every day you've seen it all already, but if you want it all in one place, the seat by seat details are at the Register.

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