Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary Grandma

Happy Anniversary Grandma

One year ago today, as Roxanne reminds us:

Today is the one year anniversary of the infamous declaration by Senator Charles Grassley that Iowans “should be afraid” when asked about the so-called death panels fabricated by right-wing extremists to block health care reform.

“This is just one of many incidents where Iowa’s senior Senator has proven that he agrees with the extremists in his party who will tell any lie and make up any distortion in order to prevent the passage of progressive and needed legislation,” said Paulee Lipsman, communications director for Roxanne Conlin for U.S. Senate campaign.

“As a reward for spreading this lie, Palin has now contributed $7500 to Grassley. But Iowans know that health care reform will not ‘pull the plug on grandma’ as Palin and other extremists contended.”

“Senator Grassley needs to apologize to Iowans for spreading this propaganda and to repudiate the extremist views of Palin and other distorters. “

But rather than admit it was over the top, Republicans are doubling down, as in this Coralville Courier post:
John Deeth, Roxanne Conlin and all their liberal cohorts are irresponsible. They're insisting on going low road in spinning the Grassley record regarding his "Pull the plug on grandma" comment.


Because they can't handle issues on the up-and-up, they can't handle the truth.

Deeth made a cheesy reference
in a recent blog post, basically regurgitating a liberal talking point. The liberal publication Iowa Independent called Grassley's basis for making the comment a "myth," failing to provide a proper reference to support their claim. Roxanne Conlin, Grassley's opponent in the Senate race, stated Grassley's "pull the plug on grandma" comment was her motivation in running against him.

What a load of bull. Everything in the above paragraph is based in a manipulation - but that's how liberals operate.

All Grassley did was tell the truth.
As a Wisconsin native and lifelong Packer fan, I don't mind being called cheesy. But I don't deserve to outrank Roxanne on the Republican enemy list.

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