Monday, August 16, 2010

Linux Powered Tomatoes

Linux Powered Tomatoes

We're merging Smallest Farm Sunday and Linux Monday this week. I've been trying to make sun dried tomatoes using a toaster over. That gets them 90% of the way but there's a fine line between druied and burnt.

So for the last stage, I keep them next to the exhaust fan of the computer. The power of Linux is now drying my tomatoes. Now the problem will be not snacking on them all since they're right at arm's length...

Here's the geekiness for the week:

We've just subscribed to streaming Netflix and it's working well on the boys' PCs and Wii. Linux: not so much.

Puppy Linux, my favorite low-resource distribution, launched 5.1 this week.

Here's a handy free online tool to convert file formats. I converted a few Windows .wma music files to .mp3 and it worked well

There are wrong reasons to switch to Linux.

And the history of.... icons.

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