Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mystery Solved

Democrat's Speaker Mystery Solved

Despite my best efforts, it was Republicans who first guessed the identity of the Iowa Democratic Party's mystery keynote speaker for the October 16 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

Spoiler Alerts: Iowasnewzliter was first, followed quickly by Craig Robinson at Iowa Republican.

If you still want to play, here are two (last?) clues:

  • This person endorsed Hillary Clinton in her bid for President in 2008.
  • This person is married to a federal judge.

    And my hint: think broadly when you think "national office."

    The Dem's guessing game got stepped on a bit by the Republicans announcing Sarah Palin as speaker at their Reagan dinner (I goofed and called it a Lincoln dinner). But they did take a shot in tweeting this unofficial clue: "Our special guest served a full term in public office...as opposed to someone else we know." Ouch!
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