Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday clips

Tuesday clips

Primary day in KS, MO, CO and MI. Closer to home, TheIowaRepublican is taking the week to roll out their internal poll. Today reveals the first actual number: Tom Miller 41, Brenna Findley 26, and they really reach for the spin.

At the NY Times, Ross Douthat is usually unreliable but he's not bad here on the GOP internal politics of 2012:
Palin is Palin: if she runs, there’s going to be a constituency that would crawl on broken glass to vote for her, no matter how many soap operas cling to her. Huckabee, meanwhile, is a chronically underestimated figure who straddles two anti-establishment demographics (the Tea Parties and the Christian Right), and whose political savvy rivals that of his fellow Arkansan Bill Clinton.

Neither is exactly brimming over with gravitas. But either one might be able to beat the unloved Romney, his money and organizational muscle notwithstanding.

This prospect gives Republican insiders heartburn. In the salons and bars of conservative Washington, there’s an obvious appetite for a kind of intra-establishment coup, in which Romney is knocked from his perch as the safe, sober choice and a fresher figure takes his place.
And Lada Gaga of all people gets political in Arizona.

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