Thursday, August 05, 2010

What Will Vander Plaats Announce?

What Will Vander Plaats Announce?

In case you missed it: three time governor loser Bob Vander Plaats is having a 10:30 press conference at the State Capitol tomorrow, breaking the cone of silence (remember the week of 2008 when that was the big phrase?) that he's hidden under since losing the lt. gov nod - but coming way closer than Terry Branstad should have let him get -at the GOP state convention.

You have as much of a clue as anyone, so place your bets.

UPDATE: Brand new blog The Sentiment - I mean, brand new as in this is the first post - claims an exclusive: "Former GOP Candidate Bob Vander Plaats will not be making a bid for Governor in 2010, says a Vander Plaats insider who is familiar with BVP’s plans. Instead, Mr. Vander Plaats will reportedly be launching an initiative to remove from office several Iowa Supreme Court Justices..."

That was my vote, but the poll stays open.

What will Vander Plaats do?
Announce independent run
Actually have completed petitions and go file
Endorse Branstad
Endorse Narcisse (or other 3rd party)
Endorse Culver
Announce that he's doing something else this cycle to fight teh gay
Announce 2014 campaign
Reverse entire ideology and support Prop 8 ruling
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Josh said...

There's something fishy about that "The Sentiment" blog.