Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Lists

Labor Day Lists

The big labor day news is gonna be President Obama's speech in Milwaukee: "President Barack Obama will announce a comprehensive infrastructure plan to expand and renew our nation’s roads, railways and runways." Aaah. Jobs, jobs. jobs. Exactly what we need to be talking about the rest of the way.

Here in the People's Republic, a slight change of plan: "Senator Harkin and other Democratic candidates will appear at the The Labor Day Picnic. The Picnic originally scheduled for noon-2 will be extended noon- 3 for this visit. The picnic will take place in Shelter 2. All labor union members and friends of labor are welcome." It's always a kid-friendly good time. Check back for my update. (Change of change of plan: Harkin's connecting flight was delayed so he didn't make it.)

Lately, long time local labor activist Tom Jacobs has been posting pictures of past picnics, including some of me with hair. My favorites: 1991 when I was in public radio and watched an entire Jesse Jackson speech from literally arm's length, and 1999 when Paul Wellstone came in for Bill Bradley.

Labor Day is the traditional kickoff day for the general election sprint to the finish line. The Gazette's James Lynch has doom and gloom, while Jason Clayworth and Jennifer Jacobs at the Register have the top tier legislative contests. (And don't forget my Cliff's Notes on all 125 contests.)

Last but least, TheIowaRepublican says: "This Labor Day, Celebrate Iowa's Right to Work Law." Isn't that like honoring deadbeat dads on Father's Day?

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