Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reasons for Hope

Reasons for Hope

Yeah, those two weekend Register polls sucked. But I've found some stuff to feel positive about:

  • That excellent Democratic absentee mailing that hit mailboxes Saturday. Watch that already big Democratic absentee lead grow.

  • Look for record-smashing early turnout here in the People's Republic, driven by a big assist from the bar age issue. An unbelievable 1,319 voters cast ballots at the Burge Hall satellite site today, smashing the old record of 945 set at the same place in the 2007 city election, the last time the bar issue was on the ballot. They may have skipped the uncontested city council races that year, but are they really gonna skip governor and senator? And who does that help in a 70% Obama county?

  • Speaking of whom, Barack seems to have gotten his mojo back, with a Madison rally (People's Republic of Dana County) that was reminiscent of 2008... hey, Mr. President, I know you went straight from Mad City to Des Moines, but next time can you stop by the Ped Mall and Pentacrest again for old time's sake?

  • I know the Reg had Roxanne down 30, but GOP leaning Rasmussen has her down 18, and Tom Vilsack came back from worse.

  • Out of state, a new poll has Joe Sestak down by 5 in the Senate race... and the Admiral is the ultimtate strong closer. He came from behind in 2006, he came from behind against Arlen Specter.

  • My parents are my test case; pure Wisconsin independents who've voted for more winners than I have. And they're saying "we can't let that idiot Johnson beat our Russ Feingold."

  • The so called enthusiasm gap is closing.

  • And Lynda Waddington sums all this up better than I can and without the bullet points.
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