Sunday, October 24, 2010

HyVee Sunday

HyVee Sunday

It's Shop-N-Vote day today 10 to 5 at 1st Avenue, North Dodge and Coralville HyVees (us Waterfront shoppers are outta luck thanks to the construction).

Dave Loebsack is stopping by JCDems HQ for some doorknocking at 11:30.

A quick endorsement wrap:

Register goes with Culver and Grassley; my bet was they were going with Branstad and Conlin, based on what I thought was a hint in their Loebsack endorsement over Miller-Meeks.

The Reg also makes it five for five on Democratic US House endorsements, backing Matt Campbell over "embarrassment" Steve King:
He is inflammatory, not constructive. He is provocative, not focused on getting results for Iowans. He is reactive, not visionary.

There is not enough space in this editorial to remind readers of all the inflammatory statements King has made. Here are a few: suggesting terrorists would be "dancing in the streets" if President Barack Obama were elected and calling the "vast majority" of anti-war protesters "communists, socialists and radicals."

During a recent meeting at the Register, we asked King if he regretted any of his comments. He stood by them, saying it served the country to "tell the truth." He clarified a statement he had made on Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses in Iraq as being "little more than hazing."

King has shown Iowa what kind of representative he is. It's time for voters to replace him.
They won't, of course; turf's just too red and in the modern version of the GOP inflammatory hard right wins primaries. Bret Hatworth reminds us just how close that nominating contest was in 2002.

(Gentle reminder: when the map was drawn, the member of congress living inside the lines was... Leonard Boswell, who quickly decamped to Des Moines.)

Press-Citizen goes with the three incumbent Democratic state senators: Bob Dvorsky, Joe Bolkcom and most significantly Becky Schmitz. Gazette going sdrawkcab has made it all the way down to supervisor.

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