Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Endorsement from Corbett

No Endorsement from Corbett

Yje Gazette plays this as a 'CR mayor staying neutral' piece, but isn't it a little telling that Ron Corbett, the Republican speaker from Branstad's fourth term, isn't endorsing Terry, even when he's way up in the polls? Hedging our bets any, Ron?

It's a Dem internal, but this poll has Boswell ahead of Brad Zaun by 8. I never thought I'd see a day when I was rooting for Leonard Boswell, but in this climate I'll hope he gets one last term. True, it has him below 50 percent (49-41) but the mighty Nate Silver says that incumbent under 50 measure is overrated.

Nationally, the Washington Post's Chris Cilizza defines a Democratic victory:

  • "The House equation for Democrats is simple: If they hold the majority -- even by a single seat -- following the election, they will say they won."

  • "If Democrats can't win (KY or MO), their best hope for a Senate "victory" is to narrow the losses within their own ranks with Colorado, Nevada and Illinois all regarded as toss up races..."

  • "The simple truth is that Florida, Texas and California are the major (gubernatorial) prizes -- given the size of each state's population and their importance in the coming 2011 redistricting process. Wins in two of those three races would almost certainly make the election cycle for Democrats. A sweep of all three would elate party strategists."
  • Closer to home, desmoinesdem has a must-read smackdown of Sandy Greiner and her ties to the American Freedom (sic) Fund.

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