Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Clips

Can't Sustain A Thought Longer Than A Bullet Point

  • Pollsters may still be missing cell phone only voters, who lean younger and more Democratic...

  • Dem Joe Sestak taking the lead in PA Senate race, and any path to a GOP Senate majority runs through PA.

  • Local GOP blog Coralville Courier declares Dave Loebsack the winner over MMM in Tuesday's congressional debate.

  • desmoinesdem takes down the IA preachers preaching a No vote on the Supreme Court:
    "Gordon has been recruiting Iowa clergy to preach a "no" vote on judicial retention for the past month. He thinks he has a strong case on First Amendment grounds. There's plenty of legal precedent for requiring tax-exempt organizations to refrain from certain kinds of political advocacy. But I'm more amused by Gordon's desire to have the courts strike down part of a tax code adopted by the people's representatives. How is that different from the Iowa Supreme Court striking down a key provision of Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act?
  • Finally, Prairie Lights celebrates the 2008 election with tonight's readings (7 PM) from "Starting Today: 100 Poems for Obama's First 100 Days." I won't be reading any poetry, but I will be on hand to share stories from covering the 2008 election cycle.
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