Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wednesday Clips

Wednesday Clips

  • Press-Citizen covers state senate candidate debate but buries the big story a couple grafs down; headline should have been "Sandy Greiner Skips Debate."

  • Speaking of Greiner and her PAC, here's more national attention (from the Washington Post) on the bizarre emphasis on the Bruce Braley race. Aaron Blake sees a pattern with Braley as the best example: "Republicans are trying to take him out before he has a chance to grow into the Democrats' next Senator-in-waiting. And, even if they can't beat him this year, they want to bloody him for future -- and bigger -- campaigns."

    Maybe. I still think his plan is House leadership ladder.

  • Also getting national attention: the Iowa City 21 bar fight, as NPR examines the impact on the music scene.

  • And I like Yes on 19 in California, too.
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