Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Clips

Wednesday Clips

Endorsement Watch continues: Gazette backs Grassley with barely a mention of Conlin. Press-Citizen doesn't make endorsements in the downballot state races, citing their lack of interviews with all candidates, but tacitly backs Mike Mauro in the Secretary of State race: "With so little evidence of voter fraud in Iowa, we hope whoever wins this election continues to ensure that Iowans have the opportunity to excise their right to vote."

Speaking of which, the latest in the vote suppression watch is a weird Angle in Nevada: TV spots running on Univision urging Hispanics not to vote.

The Register offers a handy dandy clip-N-save guide to 23 key Iowa House races (no, I didn't write it)

And this one has made the rounds: conservative commentator gets on CSPAN2 panel with ex-girlfriend, turning a book discussion into a Jerry Springer episode.

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