Monday, November 22, 2010

Godfather at Bijou

An Offer You... naah, I'll just let the man say it

Anyone else want to see the Greatest. Movie. Ever. on an actual movie screen? The UI's Bijou is having 11 PM showings of The Godfather on December 3 and 4. I'm going Friday the 3rd; Robert DeNiro is hosting Saturday Night Live that weekend and no Godfather fan would want to miss that.

Five bucks for old people, free for UI students (I got your 21 bar alternative right here.) Who's with me? But wait, there's more: Goodfellas the next weekend.

If you can't wait, or if you want a refresher course before the big screen big event, AMC is having a Turkey Day Godfather marathon. Just I and II, so we can be Thankful no III. If you've seen it as many times as me, you can catch the censorship (they even edit the Italian swearing).

Can't find a clip of my favorite scene of the entire trilogy, which comes immediately after Sonny gets whacked: Tom Hagen has to tell The Don. Brando earns the Oscar (the only offer you CAN refuse) just from the facial expressions, as he shifts from grieving father to tactical Godfather and back again.

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