Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quit The Blue Dogs, Boswell

Quit The Blue Dogs, Boswell

In my latest Register post I argue that Leonard Boswell should adapt to the new realities of the post-election landscape by quitting the defeat-decimated Blue Dog coalition.


Go there to read it; today's Deeth Blog Exclusive Content is a classic awkward moment from caucus season. Me at the Hamburg Inn with Boswell and a Blue Dog fellow traveler, ex-DNC chair Terry McAuliffe. (Koni took the pic.)

Only GOP action is likely for next caucus season, despite that 24 hour Russ Feingold boomlet. Attention Rick Santorum: Losing a home state senate race isn't a great launch pad to the White House. Ask former senator George McGovern (1984) or former Illinois congressman Abe Lincoln... wait a minute.

No, Russ's brief "on to 2012" comment at his election night defeat party was probably a reference to state seat mate Herb Kohl, who's on a lot of likely retirement lists, rather than anything about primarying Obama.

The corollary to the candidate who uses defeat as a launching pad is the one who runs for president rather than lose for re-election. Oklahoma Democrat Fred Harris invented this back in 1972, and John Edwards parlayed it into second place on the ticket. 2012's best bet for this strategy: Scott Brown from Massachusetts.

In any case, with all the caucus activity on the GOP side, we'll see less Hamburg Inn and more Pizza Ranch.

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