Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caucus Bashing Starts

Caucus Bashing Starts

Kos is still mad that we Iowans chickened out and screwed Howard Dean on Caucus Night 2004 (everyone forgets that The Scream was AFTER the Muct More Important Third Place), and, as New Hampshire starts the quadrennial game of Date leapfrog, takes another shot at them and us.

Iowa Republicans are having a nasty nasty infight in advance of tonight's Senate 35 special convention. Five horses are in the race including one Ronpaulista, and the rage seems to be focused on four state central committee members who are backing the Ron Paul Some Dude. Democrats will nominate next Monday.

The Democrat's next infight may be in the central Iowa congressional district, however it gets mapped. Desmoinesdem has a good overview: Christie Vilsack is making her interest clear, but as usual Iowa Dems, up to the Tom Harkin level it seems, would rather lose to Tom Latham than hurt Leonard Boswell's feelings. I still haven't seen that resignation from the Blue Dogs, Leonard...

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