Monday, December 13, 2010

Everybody Gets A Job But Bob

Everybody Gets A Job But Bob

What did I say last week, huh, huh? "Rod Roberts, Dave Jamison, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Debi Durham -- every Republican in the state who's lost an election gets a Branstad administration job -- except BVP."

Add one more to Branstad's list of losers: Republican Brenna Findley, who lost a bid this fall for state attorney general, will serve as legal counsel in the administration of Gov.-elect Terry Branstad.

Suggesting relations between the Branstad Administration Mark V and the Tom Miller Administration Mark VIII won't be rosy.

Further suggesting that relations between Team Terry and Team Vander Plaats are even worse. I mean, Brenna Findley cut her teeth on the hard right, as a Steve King staffer. Judging from the rhetoric and the cash flow, Findley was the downballot statewide challenger the conservatives really wanted. (They got Matt Schultz instead.) So in some ways this appointment shows Branstad will throw a few bones to the right.

But as the movie says, What About Bob?

Oh sure, Bob's got a job, running what's it called, whatever this year's version of the out of state funded Gay Hate Machine is called. He knows how to run a campaign successfully, as long as he himself is not the choice on the ballot.

But what Vander Plaats truly lusts after is the credibility, the legitimacy of governance, some "experience" to put on the resume in 2014. (desmoinesdem has the theory that Branstad will run again in `14 to break the all-time NATIONAL record for longest tenure as governor. I'm not convinced, but I'm intrigued enough to mention it.)

I'm so not a Branstad fan that I'm considering shaving off the mustache on inauguration day in protest. But I'll give him this much: he's smart enough not to let Vander Plaats anywhere near actual governing.

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