Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Weekend Reads

Some Weekend Reads

  • It got hidden behind a paywall before I could share it, but the Grand Forks Herald notes that Sen. Byron Dorgan's retirement marks the last vestige of North Dakota's century-old Non-Partisan League. The NPL was part of the upper midwest Scandinavian lefty tradition that included the LaFollette Progressives in Wisconsin and Minnesota's Farmer-Labor Party, so as a lefty with Scandinavian roots I take note.

  • Iowa's doomed to lose its fifth House seat but Cook takes a look at the ten states that are "on the bubble," complete with speculative maps.

  • An "intellectually substantial" look at Julian Assange's rationale for leaking the Wikileaks.

  • And speaking of intellectually substantial, it's been nearly 20 years and I'm still looking to justify dropping out of grad school. So I'll always link to a good "the Ph. D. isn't worth it" article. At least I was in grad school long enough to appreciate the humor.
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