Monday, January 17, 2011

12th Most Tolerant - Or Are We?

12th Most Tolerant - Or Are We?

Daily Beast crunches stats on t crimes, legal rights and religious acceptance and finds Iowa as the 12th most tolerant state. Slideshow format is inconvenient but has lovely pics of rainbow flags in front of the Old Capitol at Pride Fest 2007.

After last fall's Supreme Court massacre, we're considered 12th BEST?!? Hate to be in the 38 that are worse. (My native Wisconsin, tolerant of everything except Bears fans, ranked Number One.)

Newly minted state rep Tom Shaw likely sees that top twelve as a dirty dozen, and is doubling down on the impeachment rhetoric, complete with the word marriage in delegitimizing quotation marks... The opinion, written by Justice Cady, rendered that the definition of Iowa’s law declaring that marriage is between one male and one female, was unconstitutional. Furthermore, they ordered that same-sex “marriage” licenses must be issued....

Let's just call this what it is. It has absolutely nothing to do with "co-equal branches of government." It's not about separation of powers. It's about faggots and dykes. It's bigotry. If you are against same-sex marriage, you are by definition prejudiced, bigoted, against gay people, and believe they should not be given the same rights as others. You are simply arguing that your particular prejudices bigotry should be endorsed by law.

Perhaps you believe this bigotry is a tenet of your religion. If so I feel sorry for you. The leader of my religion was silent on the subject of gay marriage, but had a lot to say about love thy neighbor.

I'm a believer in secular states myself, and don't believe anyone's religious bigotries should be given the force of law.

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