Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Train in Vain?

Train in Vain?

Republicans Don't Want You To Ride The Train, and funding for passenger rail from Iowa City to Chicago is at risk. Who's your pro-business, pro-jobs party here? Democrats, of course:
“It’s now or never,” said state Sen. Robert Dvorsky, a Coralville Democrat and a passenger train supporter. “I think the stars are in alignment, there is a need and this will create jobs.”

Nancy Quellhorst, president of the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce, said today the train will provide a transportation choice for travelers.She added that the twice-daily service will be reliable, citing 95 percent on-time service for a similar train operating between Chicago and Quincy, Ill. The Iowa City train, which would also stop in the Quad Cities, would have a projected ridership of 246,000 annually...

Can't help but note some irony: Demand for trips from Iowa City to Chicago is up, what with the city council and university's determination to kill Iowa City's downtown nightlife. So if the political process can take away those downtown jobs, maybe it can make some new ones in passenger rail.

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