Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Truncated Headlines

House GOP budget bill could kill Iowa City

Funny how tabbed browsing will reveal the truth by truncating a headline. The whole thing says "House GOP budget bill could kill Iowa City passenger train" but I think the short version is more accurate, if not quite as funny as "News From The Ass... ociated Press."

The centerpieces of the Iowa House Republican budget plan are an end to faculty sabbaticals and cuts in state employee benefits.

These cuts fall heaviest on The People's Republic of Johnson County. Given the anti-intellectual, evolution and global warming denying bent of the current Iowa Republican base, this serves a dual purpose for the GOP agenda. It shrinks government closer to their dream of drown it in a bathtub size, and it punishes the number one Chet Culver county in the state by ten points and the ONLY county Roxanne Conlin won.

Could this be a coincidence? I'm thinking not.

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