Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011, meet 1958

2011, meet 1958

As the battle of Madison continues, I'm remembering another time anti-unionism over-reached: the "right to work" (sic) ballot initiatives of 1958.

Bills banning the union shop were on the ballot in two mega-states, California and Ohio, and also in Idaho. A full court press by labor beat all three handily. In the process, Democrats gained a Senate seat, a governorship, and three house seats each in California and Ohio. (To be fair, some circumstances were very different: it was the Dreaded Year Six of a Republican administration.)

Wisconsin may not even have to wait till 2010, due to recall; this Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel piece looks at the most likely target districts.

Of most interest to me is Dan Kapanke of La Crosse; that's my parent's district. The minor league baseball owner is in the middle of a first term and fresh off a congressional loss to Rep. Ron Kind. The northern third of Kapanke's Senate seat -- again, mom and dad's turf -- is already looking at a special House election to replace former speaker Mike Huebsch (a poisonous little squirt who I went to high school with), recently appointed Walker's Administration Secretary (i.e. likely one of the goon squad behind all this.)

Other stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere: The Register offers another 10 congressional maps, including an I-80 Polk to Johnson district that would let me personally participate in that primary to Boswell. And Helen Thomas doubles down.

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