Thursday, February 10, 2011

Census Data Released

Census Data Released

The numbers are out. This starts the super-secret map making.

Raw census data, which I'm still trying to grok, is here. Register has an article and an interactive map with county level data.

Locals: Johnson County is Officially at 130,882. Divide that by the ideal Iowa House district size (30,463.55 or 1/100 of the state) and you get 4.29 House districts, up from 3.79 seats in 2001. (Senate: that's 2.145 this cycle, 1.895 in 2001). In 2001, the People's Republic would up with three whole House districts, half of one, and parts of two others, and one whole Senate district, 3/4 of one, and parts of two others.

Developing, for the next few months.

UPDATE: Gazette has semi-usable city details. Here's the largest cities. Any city over 30,463.55 is split between House districts. Any city over 15,232 "dominates", or is more than half, a district.

Key local numbers:
Iowa City: 67,862
Iowa City plus UHeights: 68,913
Coralville: 18,907
North Liberty: 13,374
Coralville plus North Liberty: 32,281
Tiffin: 1,947

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