Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bachmann 2012

Bachmann 2012!

Huckabee without the charm and Palin without the brains!

But this article says take it seriously (as a game-changer, not as an actual nomination possibility):
But when you put Palin and Bachmann side by side, it is striking how much broader and deeper—in a word, more seriously committed—the Minnesotan’s involvement with right-wing causes has actually been.

Bachmann doesn’t give the impression her public persona is just an ego-gratifying act. She hasn’t starred in a reality TV show (or sent her daughter to dance with the stars), appeared on Saturday Night Live, or quit her job. And she is relatively free of Palin’s whiny martyr complex, which conservatives have begun to criticize quite loudly.
Or, as a random Redditor noted: "Anyone else impressed by the way Michele Bachmann has successfully Single White Femaled Sarah Palin?"

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