Monday, March 28, 2011

Dry Dance Better If You're Drunk First

Dry Dance Better If You're Drunk First

Hey, Iowa City! Hey, University! I got your nonalcoholic alternatives right here:
A number of students attending an alcohol-free dance party March 25 had one thing in common: They were already drunk.

Some University of Iowa students told The Daily Iowan they drank before the event, which was dubbed “nonalcoholic,” while others said they attended Friday After Class at the bars and imbibed earlier in the day. At least one female was carried out of the event on a stretcher shortly before 1 a.m.

The party at hotelVetro, 201 S. Linn St., was the second 18-plus dance party hosted by the newly formed UI student organization, AACE Entertainment. The first dance party, held at Old Brick, 26 E. Market St., brought in more than 2,000 people; it was aimed at promoting a permanent under-21 dance club in Iowa City.

Despite the evident intoxication of some in attendance, students and city officials said nonalcoholic parties are still a better option than bars.
Pass all the ordinances and ineffective drinking age laws you want; young adults want adult fun, and that's gonna include alcohol whether it's on site or off. And off site is, contrary to what the "public health" advocates argued last fall, less safe; just ask the girl on the stretcher.

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