Monday, March 21, 2011

McGovern to Iowa in April

McGovern to Iowa in April

Has the left found its primary challenger?
Historian, former United States Representative, Senator and Democratic presidential nominee George S. McGovern will present “Reflections on American Politics Today” as the inaugural lecturer for the annual John C. Culver Lecture at Simpson College on Thursday, April 7th at 7:30 pm in Smith Chapel.
I'm thinking it's just an early start on 2016 myself. He'll only be 94.

The McGovern name still carries some currency in these parts. The national lede out of our epic fall barbecue of 2007 (five candidates, a bunch of Bidens, and actor Forrest Whittaker on Team Obama's behalf) was McGovern's endorsement of Hillary Clinton. But at end game of the long march to the nomination, McGovern called on Clinton to drop out.

McGovern was the first one to figure out that the 1972 Iowa caucuses fell before the New Hampshire primary -- not surprisingly, since he literally wrote the rulebook -- and he planned accordingly. The reform commission and McGoverns "stronger than expected" Iowa showing were two of the big steps that paved the way for Carter `76 and the caucuses as we know them today.

Speaking of which, Jimmy Carter's only gonna be 92 on Election Day 2016...

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